CD/DVD Releases -Week of March 12: New Releases From Jose Cura and Klaus Florian Vogt

By Francisco Salazar

This week audiences will have an opportunity to experience rarities from the Bel Canto and baroque era as well as hear one of the supreme Wagnerian tenors. Take a look.


Klaus Florian Vogt is known as one of the supreme interpreters of “Lohengrin” and thanks to the Royal Concertgebouw, audiences will get another chance to hear his interpretation in a new CD recording. The opera also stars Camilla Nylund, Katarina Dalayman, Evgeny Nikitin and Falk Struckman. The opera is conducted by Sir Mark Elder.

 A New Donizetti 

For Bel Canto fans interested in discovering a new work, Dynamic will release the rarely performed “Olivo e Pasquale.” The cast includes Bruno Taddia and Filippo Morace. It also includes Federico Maria Sardelli as the conductor of the work. Dynamic is releasing a CD and a DVD for those interested in both formats.

Dvorak songs

Jose Cura is back in the recording business and this time he has opted to self-release on iTunes. The Argentine tenor is releasing a 2003 album entitled “Dvorak songs” which was previously released privately and never reached a big market.


For baroque fans looking for a rare work, this week Antonio Cesti’s “L’Orontea” will be released.  The recording comes from the Frankfurt Opera and stars Paula Murrihy and Sebastian Gayer.


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