‘Don Carlo’ Or ‘Don Carlos’ – What is the Best Version of Verdi’s Titanic Masterwork?

Verdi’s “Don Carlo” makes its return to La Scala for the first time in decades in its five act version. For many this is the best version of the opera, but the bottom line {…}

On This Day: Celebrating Hibla Gerzmava’s Birthday With 5 Career Highlights

On Jan.6 Hibla Germava will celebrate her 46th birthday with a special day off. The soprano made to sure to make it clear on her calendar that it was her birthday and that she {…}

On This Day: A Look at Operas That Grace Bumbry Sang As Both Soprano and Mezzo As She Celebrates Her 80th

On Jan. 4 Grace Bumbry will celebrate her 80th birthday. The mezzo soprano is recognized as one of the pioneers in the world of classical music who paved the way for future African-American opera and classical singers. The mezzo had the distinction of having a powerful and big voice that sang with commitment and intensity. She was also recognized for her agility and bel canto {…}

On This Day: Antonio Pappano & Operatic Progress at the Royal Opera House And Beyond

He has described his work as a conductor to that of “football” manager. He hates the label “eliticism” when referring to the world of opera, instead seeing it as an art {…}