Carson Gilmore Unveils Short-Film Aria Adaptations

By David Salazar

Carson Gilmore has unveiled a series of short-film aria adaptations.

The series includes the recently released “MON COEUR,” a 1931 setting of the famed “Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix” from “Samson et Dalila” which stars mezzo-soprano Roksana Zeinapur, Kelly Curran, and David Conley.

Gilmore’s aim with the series is to present the arias as “thematic blueprints” for a film.

“Rather than ‘adapting’ the literal content of the arias directly, I tried to generate visual stories that took their narrative cues from the ideas expressed in the text and score,” Gilmore told OperaWire.

In the case of “MON COEUR,” Gilmore sought to express “the aria’s subtext of image manipulation and power struggle, seen, again, through the modern idiom of film itself.”

The first in the series is “MORTE” based “Morte col fiero aspetto” from Hasse’s “Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra” with the follow up, “SEMPRE LIBERA,” being an adaptation of the famed Verdi aria from “La Traviata.”

“I think I’d feel gratified if the films inspired viewers to ask themselves new questions, via these arias we’ve all heard for hundreds of years: if anything, then, I’m trying to marry classic and modern idioms in a way that shuns the same old paths to meaning,” Gilmore concluded.