Carol Hirschfeld & Joanna Heslop Appointed to New Zealand Opera Board

By Logan Martell

New Zealand Opera has announced that Carol Hirschfeld and Joanna Heslop have been joined its board of directors.

With over 30 years in the field of news and current affairs, Hirschfeld has held positions with TVNZ, TV3, Maori TV, and RNZ, as reporter, director, presenter, producer, and executive. She will serve NZO as Head of Video/Audio.

“I admire the work NZ Opera does to showcase local and global talent and am proud to join this dynamic team as a board member,” Hirschfeld said in a press release. “Now is a great time for New Zealand to embrace the global transition of this art form by applying our unique ability to blend tradition with creative modernity. As a board member, I am focused on contributing to the excellent work the Company is doing to make opera accessible to new audiences and build the profile of our organisation and talented performers.”

Heslop brings with her experience as a New Zealand diplomant as well as a former professional opera singer. Her 14-year career included performances as a soloist with the Mariinsky Theater Academy of Young, NZ Opera Emerging Artists, and the Golden Jubilee Royal Edinburg Tattoo. Currently she is Lead Adviser at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, President of the Foreign Service Association, and a member of the Dame Malvina Major Foundation Wellington Committee.

“I understand the challenges of being a professional singer and ways the industry can support career pathways for young talent,” added Heslop. “NZ Opera offers a vital platform for young performers to grow and realize their skills, and to tell more New Zealand stories through opera. As a board member, I look forward to helping artists thrive in Aotearoa.”