‘Carmina Burana’ Returns To Les Grands Ballets After 21 Years

By David Salazar
(Photo: Sasha Onyshchenko)

“Carmina Burana” will make a surprise return to Les Grands Ballets this October at the Place des Arts, Wilfrid-Pelletier.

The famed work has not appeared with the company for 21 years, but will get a series of performances alongside Pergolesi’s equally famous “Stabat Mater.” Both works will be choreographed by Edward Clug. Carl Orff’s famed piece was last staged with the company in 1966.

“We have learned from history that only human feelings are constant; only the esthetic and the context change,” Clug noted in a press release. “’Carmina Burana’ could be simply described as an ode to life, which reaches from daily human rituals to the greatest universal mysteries.”

The performances will be conducted by Dina Gilbert with Aline Kutan, Spencer Britten, and Alexandre Sylvestre as the soloists for “Carmina Burana” and Maude Brunet and Kimy McLaren as the main singers for the “Stabat Mater.”

In sum, over 150 artists will be onstage throughout the performances, including 40 dancers and 70 musicians of the Grands Ballets Orchestra.