‘Carmen’ At Core of Glow Lyric Theatre’s 2019 Festival

By David Salazar

The Glow Lyric Theatre has announced its 2019 festival season, which will be the company’s ninth overall. As per usual, the GLT will feature an opera, a musical theatre piece, and an operetta, all connecting to a specific theme. This year’s theme centers on the concept of “Questioning Authority.”

In recent years, the company has showcased such operas as “Romeo et Juliette,” “Fidelio,” and “The Crucible,” among others.

To center on that theme, the company’s main operatic offering will be Bizet’s “Carmen,” which will incidentally be the final production that it opens during the festival. The work’s heroine, a gypsy who places a premium on living a life full of freedom, is one of the works that speaks to this theme of questioning authoritative figures.

Performance Dates: July 26,28,31; August 3 (2019)

In addition to Bizet’s famed masterpiece, the company will also present “My Fair Lady” and “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” both of which open earlier in July.