Canada’s International Resource Centre for Performing Artists to Close After 40 Years

By David Salazar

The International Resource Centre for Performing Artists in Canada will close after 40 years of service.

The organization’s final day is slated for Nov. 30, 2022.

“The Board would like to thank Ann Summers Dossena for having developed innovative programs to serve the needs of Canadian artists,” said Eleanor Friedland, the President of the IRCPA Board, in an official press statement. “Not just singers but many of Canada’s musicians and personnel working behind the scenes in the performing arts owe Ann a huge debt of gratitude,” said Ms. Friedland. “Through her tireless efforts and fertile imagination, she identified the skills and types of input artists needed to tighten the gap between their training and a professional career. Using her enviable contact list, she brought international expertise to Canada so that artists didn’t have to travel to New York or Europe at considerable expense to be heard and to gain valuable feedback.”

The organization was started in 1983 by Summers Dossena with the support of leading artists in Canada. The organization’s history, programs, and origins will remain on its official website for all to see.