Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy Joins Forces With Hellenic Foundation for Culture

By David Salazar

The Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy is joining forces with the Hellenic Foundation for Culture for future collaborations.

The Artistic Team will include soprano Georgia Poulou as Artistic Administrator, director Simos Kakalas, conductor Jorge Parodi, Agent Lewis Ehlers, and Teatro Grattacielo and Camarata Bardi Vocal Academy director Stefanos Koroneos.

“The opera world is facing an important moment, filled with new perspectives not only in performing but also in educating and promoting the younger generations of opera singers. Within that spirit, Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy and the Hellenic Foundation for Culture are happy to contribute to a continued evolution,” Koroneos told OperaWire.

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture organizes events in many parts of the world including exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, screenings, lectures and discussions, in co-operation with other cultural and educational institutions with the aim of promoting Greek culture and language throughout the world.

Camerata Bardi was established to promote and nourish a “modern renaissance” in the art of singing, rooted in the Italian Bel Canto tradition, by understanding the universal language of music scores in Italian.