Calvin Hitchcock & Madeline Whitesell to Present ‘PROPHET$’

By David Salazar

Composer Calvin Hitchcock and director Madeline Whitesell are set to present “PROPHET$$” at The Cell in New York City on May 26 and 27, 2023.

The work was developed by Hitchcock, Delilah McCrea, and David Grandouiller, and delves into the intricate nature and transitional aspects of religious encounters within American Evangelicalism.

“PROPHET$” features a mélange of hymn tunes, Sunday school songs, sacred classical music, children’s literature, and 1950s military propaganda with the parables of Jesus, existing in the realm between the Sacred and the Profane.

The opera stars Paul Chwe MinChul An, Paul Pinto, Pamela Terry, August Felsenfeld, and David Widder-Varhegyi.

The production by Whitesell showcases costume design by Weijing Xiao and choreography by Avery Redic.