Brooklyn Conservatory of Music to Feature Rhymes With Opera

By David Salazar

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music is set to present Rhymes with Opera as part of its Parlour Room Sessions on Feb. 22, 2020.

The showcase will feature a retrospective of the company’s numerous chamber opera premieres since 2012, including music from the 2020 production of Adam Matlock and Brian Slattery’s “Red Giant.” Other works that will be featured include “Rumpelstilskin,” “On Loneliness and Solitude,” and “The Impossible She.”

Among the performers will be Elisabeth Halliday-Quan, Bonnie Lander, and Robert Maril, as well as pianist Christopher Wilson and saxophonist Zach Herchen.

Since 2007, Rhymes With Opera has commissioned more than 17 new operas including “Three Modern Pieces,” “Numbers / Dates,” “Book of Gazes,” “Leads,” “Goblin Market,” “Criminal Element,” “Red Giant,” and “Cantata for a Loop Trail.”