Boston Lyric Opera to Present ‘La Cenerentola’

By Francisco Salazar

The Boston Lyric Opera is set to present a city-centric take on Rossini’s “La Cenerentola”

The interpretation will bring the familiar story of a mistreated young woman and a handsome prince into the hearts of two familiar Boston neighborhoods. Boston resident Dawn M. Simmons will make her opera debut directing a cast that includes Cecelia Hall, Levy Sekgapane, Dana Varga, Alexis Peart, Levi Hernandez, Brandon Cedel, and Philip Lima.

In a statement, Simmons said,  “I hope ‘La Cenerentola’ romances audiences. The magic is in the music, in the simplicity of boy-meets-girl and how they sweep each other off their feet.”

BLO Stanford Calderwood General Director & CEO Bradley Vernatter added, “This fun and lustrous opera is a story about the triumph of goodness, right here in Boston. Dawn M. Simmons’s cultural leadership and prolific theater career has shown her to be a visionary director. For us, she creates a production that reminds us of the importance of good humor, kindness, and love in our lives.”

“La Cenerentola” will be performed from 8 to Nov. 12, 2023.