Bonnie Montgomery’s Music to be Featured in Zachary James’ New Album

By Francisco Salazar

Award-winning singer/songwriter Bonnie Montgomery is set to return to her classical musical roots in a new song “Song Beyond Words, a Vocalise.”

The award-winning singer/songwriter will be featured on the virtual album “CALL OUT” by Zachary James with her new song, which was written for piano, steel guitar, baritone, and soprano, featuring Megan Nielson and James.

The composition is the first to use a steel guitar in an operatic medium and seamlessly brings elements of virtuosic country instrumentation into a classical music landscape.

In a statement, Montgomery said, “I am incredibly honored to be featured alongside all the badass female composers on CALL OUT. Writing the vocal lines specifically for Zach and Megan’s exquisite voices has been thrilling, and very personal because the two singers are close friends and endured family tragedies during the last year.  Their pain and loss is a crucial influence on the musical terrain of the song.  They are both among the greatest singers of our time.”

“Song Beyond Words, a Vocalise” was written during the pandemic and expresses a spiritual journey that transcends language. Montogomery was inspired by her time at Standing Rock, where many of the Native American ceremonial songs she heard were sung on a vowel.