Black Opera Alliance & TRG Arts Announce New Partnership Towards Performance Industry Diversity

By Logan Martell

The Black Opera Alliance and TRG Arts have announced a new partnership to track and report progress in opera towards racial equity.

In addition to quarterly insight reports, the partnership will unveil a new system to help monitor benchmarks in matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

“We are pleased to partner with TRG Arts in this incredibly important work because we believe their expertise in data analysis and benchmarking is crucial to ensuring that change in our sector happens,” wrote Dr. Derrell Acon, Project Director / BOA Leadership Council, in an Instagram post. “ Lack of industry-wide accountability has been a prime culprit in stalling substantive industry progress in the EDI space. This  partnership will aid in BOA’s goal to shine a spotlight on the sector’s  progress with The Pledge.”

The two organizations will release Insight Reports in 2021 that show the progress of the industry toward meeting the requirements of Black Opera Alliance’s “Pledge for Racial Equity and Systematic Change in Opera.”