Black Brilliance Competition Announces 2022 Winners

By Afton Wooten

Baritone Daniel Rich, soprano Angeli Ferrette, soprano Amber Cierra Merritt, and mezzo-soprano Ikpemesi O were named the winners of the 2022 Black Brilliance Competition.

Rich came in first place for his performance of “The Glory of the Day Was in Her Face” by Florence Price. Second place was given to Ferrette for “Don’t Feel No-Ways Tired” arranged by Jacqueline Hairston. Merritt came in third with “Winter Twilight” by Rospehanye Powell and honorable mention was given to O for her poem poem “Love, Identity, and Purpose.”

The Black Brilliance Competition was created in 2021 by Jhané Perdue, who serves as the Artistic Projects Coordinator at The Pleiades Project. The competition’s mission is “to celebrate Black artists, especially musicians, composers, poets, and other creators.”

This year the Black Brilliance Competition received generous support from partners Pleiades Project and Toledo Opera.  Amber Cierra Merrit and Ikpemsi O will perform at Toledo Opera’s Juneteenth celebration.