Beth Morrison Projects Unveils ‘BMP: Limitless’

By David Salazar

Beth Morrison Projects has announced “BMP: Limitless,” a new digital initiative.

“BMP: Limitless” is comprised of five digital programs including “BMP: Opera of the Week,” “BMP: Producer Academy,” “pssst…(BMP: Speakeasies),” “BMP: Beyond the Music,” and “21c Lieberabend, op. World Wide (digital).”

“BMP: Opera of the Week” was launched in mid-March. Every Thursday, the company streams a new opera for one week. The company unveiled three new works it will be streaming throughout June including “Brooklyn Babylon,” “Ellen West,” and “Love Fail.”

“BMP: Producer Academy” will kick off the second week of July with free sessions for the community that aim to help artists and young producers bring works to the stage. The free series of workshops will also open up the possibility for participants to engage with an eight-week Academy.

“pssst… (BMP: Digital Speakeasies)” is a series that encourages audiences to engage with BMP’s virtual bars, make a cocktail, and listen to some music. Among the artists that will be featured in this series are Danielle Birratella, Dollshot, Geoff Sobelle, Jennifer Charles, Jeremy Schonfeld, Jodie Landau, Joseph Keckler, Kamala Sankaram, Shayfer James, Sky-Pony/Lauren Worsham, Sol Ruiz, Timur, and Todd Almond. The first speakeasy is set for June 25, 2020.

“BMP: Beyond the Music” will invite audiences into a composer’s studio to observe the making of a music video based on arias and songs from the BMP canon.

“21c Liederabend, op. World Wide (digital)” is a collaboration with Paola Prestini and will launch in September 2020. These new works will be created for the digital medium with the intention of being experienced on a screen at home. Additionally, op. World Wide will focus not only on American composers, but aims to spotlight composers around the world.