Bel Cantanti Opera Presents Rare U.S. Production of ‘The Tsar’s Bride’

By David Salazar

The Bel Cantanti Opera is set to showcase performances of “The Tsar’s Bride” on May 18 and 19, 2019.

This production will make just the third time that the work is produced in the United States and it will feature a cast that includes Asmik Arutiuniants, Rob McGinness, Viktoriya Koreneva, John Scherch, Michael Butler, Peter Bourough, Alyssa Cox, Marie Herrington, and Kofi Hayford.

Tylerr Eighmey directs a producton that is designed by Ksenia Litvak.

When composing it, Rimsky-Korsakov was very vocal about seeing his operas as a statement against the styles that Wagner had championed in his work. It has remained a staple of the European repertory, performing in its native country very often. Yet, it has remained a rarity in the United States.

“The Tsar’s Bride” was previously brought to New York by the Bolshoi Opera back in 2014 in concert performance and was previously performed in 1986 at the Washington Opera.