Bea Goodwin Releases ‘Teatime Opera’ in Support of Wroxton College

By David Salazar

Director and librettist Bea Goodwin has launched “Teatime Opera,” a concert aimed at honoring Wroxton College of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The showcase features performances by Helena Brown, Danielle Buonaiuto, and Eric Lindsey as they take on songs from the English canon as well as pieces written by Goodwin.

“Education is both a necessity and a luxury. Choosing a school to invest in and have invested in you is a big deal, especially to an artist. Who you study with and underneath has a direct impact on how you conduct yourself in the industry. From how you hone a craft to how you advocate and present yourself all stems from who has given you guidance along the way,” Goodwin told OperaWire. “The instructors at Wroxton College provide such a wonderful environment; a hybrid of intensity but extreme passion and vigilance. Each professor knows very well they ask a lot of you and are mindful of our needs as well. My experience was such an enriching one, I wanted to give back to the Wroxton Now and Forever fund to ensure its legacy for the next generations to come.”

The event can be watched here. All proceeds from the performance will go toward Wroxton College and its preservation.