Bare Opera Launches Relief Fund to Help Artists Affected by Coronavirus Cancelations

By David Salazar

Bare Opera has announced that it will be launching The Bare Opera Artist Relief Fund to support artists during the financial hardship they are likely to face during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the closure of almost all major opera companies around the world, leaving artists without a salary or job protection. Given the circumstances, Bare Opera is seeking to remedy the situation so that artists can obtain some degree of financial stability in the difficult time.

With the new Relief Fund, the Bare Opera Board of Directors is accepting submission from Bare Opera artists, past and present, who have been affected financially during the current crisis. Any opera or performing contract that was left unpaid or severed due to the outbreak will be eligible for up to 75 percent reimbursement.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty and panic throughout the world, and also very close to home here in New York City. Nearly all members of the opera community have had performances canceled, contracts reminded without compensation, and are facing extreme financial hardship. We at Bare Opera are hoping to spark a revolution of community support and inspire other companies – no matter the size – to create a similar relief fund that will protect our artists during disasters like this one,” Bare Opera General Director Kirsten Scott told OperaWire. “Similar to other opera companies, we are in a position to offer our past and present artists certain financial protections during times of major crises. Inaction is simply not acceptable in this time of dire need in our opera community, and the larger performing arts community.”

In order to apply, artists must email [email protected] the following information:

  1. E-mail Subject Line: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME: Artist Relief Fund Application
  2. Copy of original contract with intended fee clearly stated
  3. Main contact name, email and phone number from company that severed the contract
  4. Letter from company evidencing cancellation of contract
  5. Letter to Bare Opera explaining the hardship this loss has caused

Conversely, those that wish to make tax-deductible donations that will go to artists as part of the relief fund can head to

“Bare Opera has always held a special place in the New York opera community with their innovative approach to the art form. The creation of this relief fund is not only innovative but extremely important for the community of artists they have cultivated since the company was founded,” concluded mezzo-soprano Max Potter. “As many artists who work for Bare Opera may not be eligible for the AGMA relief fund, this company artist relief fund is a game changer. For those in the process of building a career, where each and every gig is critical to financial survival, and every resume credit is essential to having the experience necessary for getting them more work, this fund will help ensure that the current generation of up and coming singers has a chance at continuing their paths toward a career in opera.”