Bampton Classical Opera to Present Haydn’s ‘The Apothecary’

By David Salazar

Bampton Classical Opera is set to present “The Apothecary” as part of its 30th anniversary season.

The Haydn opera, which is set to open on Sept. 9, 2023, will take place at The Barn at Old Walland, Wadhurt, East Sussex.

It will star Guy Beynon as Sempronio, the titular apothecary, and Iúnó Connolly as Grilletta, his ward and pupil. Joining them will be Henry Ross as Mengone, Sempronio’s apprentice, and Madeline Robinson as Volpino.

Mark Austin conducts and Jeremy Gray directs.

The opera tells the story of Sempronio, who only ever spends time with newspapers, trying to sort out the fake news from the truth. However, his main interest is in Grilletta, who is in turn in love with Mengone. However, she is also wooed by Volpino, who fashions himself a master of disguise.

“The Apothecary,” or “Lo Specizale” as it was originally named, premiered in 1768 at Eszterháza. It remains among Haydn’s most popular works.

The performance is set to kick at 7 p.m.