Austria To Enter Third Lockdown After Christmas

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credit: Christian Thür)

The Austrian government will declare a fresh lockdown in the country right after Christmas. The lockdown will be much tougher than the current one and will last until Jan. 18, 2021.

Per the official news APA agency sources, all non-essential shops will have to shut down. Restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, and opera houses will remain closed. Per the same sources, mass testing will be performed on Jan. 16 and Jan. 17, 2021. Citizens who can not be tested will have to stay in quarantine for another week.

The government of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz declared a light lockdown on Nov. 3, 2020, as Austria is still undergoing a second COVID-19 wave. The lockdown has affected opera houses around Austria with many currently streaming concerts.