Australian Public Protests Presentation of Chinese Opera in Sydney Opera House

By David Salazar

Members of the Australian public are protesting against a presentation of the Chinese Opera “Red Guards on Honghu Lake” at the Sydney Opera House on Nov. 4, 2018.

In an open letter to the Minister of the Arts, the Australian Values Alliance has asked that the performance be abandoned and for tickets sales to be halted, citing that the work “represents a silent invasion by China to Australia under its Uniting Front Policy with  the intention to gain influences in Australia into believing that contemporary China is revolutionary and is liberating its people.”

The letter notes that the opera glorifies violence as a means of promoting a “fake image” of China.

“We, in the Chinese community, think it is imperative to alert our fellow Australian of this ‘Uniting Front’ tactic as it is being used as a soft power to confuse or dilute the alertness of the Australian community about the Chinese silent invasion, especially the art community,” adds the letter.