Audio Tapes Reveal Plácido Domingo Linked to the Criminal Sect in Villa Crespo

By Francisco Salazar

UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting that Plácido Domingo did not commit a crime. In a statement, a law enforcement officer, who was asked to remain anonymous because the investigation is ongoing said, “Placido didn’t commit a crime, nor is he part of the organization, but rather he was a consumer of prostitution.” The article also noted that prostitution is not illegal in Argentina.

The singer’s representatives have not responded to requests for comments and Domingo has not spoken publicly about the latest developments. 

Plácido Domingo is being linked to a criminal sect in Villa Crespo called “Escuela de Yoga,” an organization that was involved in human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other crimes in Argentina.

The Argentinian and Uruguayan newspapers La Nacion and El Observador report that a police operation aimed at dismantling the organization obtained audio tapes during an organized raid. During the raid, 37 properties were seized as well as 13 cars, and assets were frozen.

So far 19 people have been detained in Argentina and three suspects are thought to remain in South America while four are suspected to be in the United States.

According to the audio tapes business figures, politicians and influential people had links to the organization. 

In one of the audio tapes, Domingo’s voice is heard talking to “Mendy,” the woman who organized the sexual encounters. Domingo allegedly says, “When we leave dinner we’ll arrive separately. We’ll do it that way because my agents are going to go up to their room when I go up and they are going to stay on the same floor.”

According to the audiotapes, at the end of the conversation with Domingo, “Mendy” calls Juan Percowicz, the leader of the sect, celebrating and confirming she was able to convince “Plácido.”

Initial reports note that there are an estimated 170 victims of the sect in Argentina, and several more abroad. The buyers of the organization’s services would send money in international currency to the headquarters in Buenos Aires. The money would then go unnoticed through the purchase of real estate, or legal objects, in order to avoid evidence and record of the transfers.

Several news reports have noted that the context of these phone calls is unknown and that other recognized figures have not been revealed.

The news comes as Domingo is performing in Mexico for the first time in 10 years. It also comes only a few years after the singer was accused of sexual harassment by several women.

In response to the new investigation, Soprano Luz de Alba, who accused the tenor in 2020 has already spoken out about Domingo and said, she was harassed by the singer for many years including at his apartment. She alleged that he took her agent away and that his wife Marta Domingo is his accomplice. De Alba is also alleging that she no longer has doors open to any opera houses in the world.