Andrea Bocelli Announces New Album ‘Sì’

By David Salazar

Tenor Andrea Bocelli has announced a new album, which is called “Sì.”

The recording is the first to feature all-new material from the famed singer, which is slated for release on Oct. 26 on the Decca/Sugar label. The album’s first single, “If Only” was unveiled on Friday and Bocelli will performance it on June 21 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The single was recorded in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Per a press release, the album will explore Bocelli’s roots, showcasing “an intimate collection of songs that celebrate love, faith, and family.

“I wanted to go back to my memories of being a young man, playing at a piano bar. Obviously since then, I’ve produced lots of albums, sung lots of covers, performed many other things,” he noted. “But at a certain point I said to myself: ‘Maybe the time has come to put my effort into finding new songs.’ Like starting all over again, as it were, in my career.”