Andrea Bocelli Suffers Injury In Italy

By Francisco Salazar

Andrea Bocelli has been hospitalized due to a horse accident.

The accident happened near Pisa and was injured in the head. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he is recovering. The tenor sent out a message noting “My dears, I know you’ve been worried about me in those latest hours. I just want to calm you down and tell that I’m pretty fine.”

He added,” It has been just a simple fall from a horse. If there are no complications, I will probably leave the hospital right today. Thank you for the many messages i received, I embrace you with affection.”

Bocelli was performing in concert performances conducted by a robot. Boccelli next continues his concert tour in Eastern Europe before arriving in the US for concerts in New York, Washington D.C and Denver among others. He returns to Europe in March for concert performances.