Ancient Greek Techniques & Puppetry To Take Centerstage At I Fagiolini’s Presentation of ‘L’Orfeo’

By David Salazar

I Fagiolini and Robert Hollingworth are set to work alongside director Thomas Guthrie and designer Ruth Paton to showcase Monteverdi’s “L’Orfeo” at the York Early Music Festival on July 5, 2019 with an additional showcase at LSO St. Luke’s in London on July 7.

The production is set to utilize ancient Greek techniques of masks and puppets to tell the story of Monteverdi’s legendary work. The production is set to star Matthew Long in the title role.

“In a sense, this has nothing to do with puppets, and everything to do with trying to make good theatrical opera,” noted Director Thomas Guthrie in a press release. “One of theater’s great and unique gifts – as with myth itself – is the power it has to inspire our imagination, to lead us into ourselves to find our own stories.

“Puppets do this by definition. If they don’t, they can’t work. They help create a ‘space in between,’ into which the audience is invited, and which, when they enter it, allows them to connect with their own imaginations and their own responses to the story being told.”