American Opera Projects to Stay the Course With March Performances, For Now

By David Salazar

American Opera Project has stated that as of this moment, it will hold serve on its scheduled March events for now.

Despite the increasing precautions taken around the world with regards to COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, the company will endeavor to presented events as previously scheduled. However, in a statement, the company did note that “we feel these are at increased risk, we will take action accordingly and keep you informed.”

Such events include “Page to Stage: The Interaction Effect” on March 22, 2020; “The AOP Mixtape at Joe’s Pub” scheduled for March 26, 2020; the Douglas Moore Songbook Recital on March 14, 2020; and “Eat the Document: An Opera-in-Progress” on March 11, 2020.

The organization is taking several precautionary measures to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for audiences and artists.