American Opera Projects Receives Over $500,000 in Grants & Support

By David Salazar
(Image Provided American Opera Projects)

The American Opera Project has been awarded five grants intent on helping shape its vision under the leadership of General Director Matt Gray and Artistic Director Mila Henry. In sum, the grants total over $500,000.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is a $300,000 multi-year grant to develop American Opera Project’s training and workshop programs such as Composer & the Voice. Meanwhile the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation’s grant of $50,000 will support new development positions for AOP. From OPERA America Repertoire, the American Opera Project has received $65,000 to help in the development of the new opera “Legendary.” The company also received $35,000 from the Howard Gilman Foundation, which will provide  general operating support. Finally, AOP received $18,750 for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs to support American Opera Project’s community outreach and training programs.

“We are extremely grateful to each of these major institutions,” Gray stated in a press release. “Their contributions of financial support demonstrate a renewed confidence that AOP will continue to guide our industry forward in creating the music and stories that reflect our times and inspire our future.”

“AOP blew away any preconceived notions I had about opera, and instead introduced me to a musical world that refused to be stuck in tradition,” added Henry. “Matt and I both view opera as simply another form of musical storytelling—not something to be pigeonholed or held out of reach, but a tradition that is no different than seeing a favorite play, musical or TV show. To work, it has to reflect the world around us and offer a compelling narrative.”