American Opera Projects Picks Next Batch of Librettists & Composers To Prepare New Operas

By David Salazar

American Opera Projects and Composers & the Voice Artistic Director Steven Osgood has announced the selection of six composers and three librettists who will receive fellowships for the upcoming ninth season of “Composers & the Voice.”

The composers include Matthew Browne, Scott Ordway, Frances Pollock, Pamela Stein Lynde, Liliya Ugay, and Amber Vistein, while the librettists are Laura Barati, Kim Davies, and Sokunthary Svay.

These artists will get a chance to train and present new works between 2017-19. One year will be dedicated to working with the company’s  Resident Ensemble of Singers and Artistic Team, over 45 hours of “Skill-Building Sessions” of acting courses, theatrical improvisation, and libretto development, among other things.

“The philosophy of Composers & the Voice since its beginning has been that by immersing composers and librettists in hands-on work with skilled singers and music directors, we empower them to create groundbreaking works that are true to each of their artistic languages,” stated Osgood in a press release. “Composers rarely have the opportunity to work with opera singers during their training, and C&V was designed to address this void. I could not be prouder of the commissions and premieres that have flowed from the alumni of C&V.”