Alastair White’s Opera ‘#CAPITAL’ to Open Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

By Afton Wooten

Photo Credit: UU Studios

“#CAPITAL” by composer Alastair White will open Metaverse Fashion Week 2023.

Soprano Kelly Poukens a recent finalist in the Queen Elisabeth Competition, will star in the fashion-opera. She is joined by dancer Zara Sands and sound producer Pieter Franssen.

Alastair White and Gemma A. Williams are the creators of the experimental endeavor of fashion-opera.

Simon Mitchell, architect of the digital opera house and co-founder of Sybarite, shares his excitement for the project by saying, “This is a place where architecture, music, and fashion come together in perfect synergy to interact and explore the possibilities of living in another reality.”

The event will take place virtually on March 28.