Alan Turing Opera Project to Be Performed For World Pride Copenhagen/Malmö

By Francisco Salazar

On August 18, LGBTI+ icon, Alan Turing will be portrayed in an original theatrical multimedia opera “Alan Turing Opera Project” for World Pride Copenhagen/Malmö.

The one-hour show will be performed at the Palladium in Malmö and recorded for audiences worldwide. Albert Montañez will bring his original production and star turn which was first performed at the 2020 Halland Contemporary Opera Festival.

In a press release, Montañez said, “Alan was a visionary, a war hero, and a brave man that fought back against society in a time where being yourself wasn’t allowed.”

In January 1952,  Turing was offered the choice between chemical castration or a two-year prison sentence for “gross indecency,” simply for being LGBTI+. Eventually, Turing was coerced into choosing castration.

In 2009, Her Majesty’s Government apologized to Alan Turing and this year the Bank of England is issuing the $50-pound note with his name and face as a very belated homage.

Turing has previously been played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the Oscar winning film “The Imitation Game,” and a BBC audience poll in 2019 named him the greatest person of the 20th century.