Against the Grain Theatre Announces New Opera-Film ‘Bound’

By Chris Ruel

Toronto’s Against the Grain Theatre has announced the upcoming run of its new opera-film, “Bound.”

“Bound” features four storytellers, each of whom had challenging yet very different journeys finding their place and voice in Canada. These perceived outsiders include Dr. Nadiya Vasdani, who attended med school in the Caribbean and completed her residency in Flint, Michigan during the water crisis; Cindy Rivers, who hailed from the Canadian Maritimes, traveled across the country to work in the oil industry and struggled with gender identity; Dr. Zulfikar Hirji, a political refugee from Uganda, who faced racism in his new country; and Rania Younes who, after a successful career in advertising in Dubai, struggled to break into the Canadian industry.

Musical avatars soprano Miriam Khalil, tenor Andrew Haji, baritone Justin Welsh, and American trans woman, soprano Breanna Sinclairé, represent the storytellers, with interview segments shifting into song.

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra and conductor Nathan Brock perform Kevin Lau’s score, which features segments from Handel’s operas and oratorios.

“The stories represented in AtG’s ‘Bound’ are posing some very direct and challenging questions that pull at the threads of the cozy, Canadian narrative that we are an accepting nation which celebrates diversity, and welcomes newcomers to our vast and resource-rich lands,” said co-director Joel Ivany in a press statement. “While these stories are connected through themes of alienation, adaptation, and transformation, they also offer us unique portraits of resilience, strength, and hope.”

“Bound” will stream for free from March 27-April 24 and tickets for viewing are available via AgT’s website.