ABAO Bilbao Ópera Gains New Partnership for Continued Growth

By Nicolas Quiroga

ABAO Bilbao Ópera and Banca March have announced a partnership aimed at promoting and developing all the operatic and cultural activities of the Bilbao institution.

The territorial director of Banca March’s Assets Bank in Euskadi and La Rioja, Daniel Irezábal del Busto, has emphasized when signing the collaboration agreement that the objective is to strengthen relations with Bilbao society and participate in the educational projects of ABAO Bilbao Ópera.

“At Banca March, supporting culture is part of our very essence, it is a philosophy that is based on joint growth with customers, employees and society,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Matellanes, president of the opera company, pointed out the importance of private financing for the growth of opera and culture.

“It is a fundamental contribution to promote knowledge and enjoyment of culture, music, and art with a new perspective of solidarity and sustainability.”

Twenty-six percent of ABAO’s association’s budget is reliant on the contributions of public institutions.