‘A Child in Striped Pyjamas’ to Make World Premiere in London

By Francisco Salazar

“A Child in Striped Pyjamas” is set to make its world premiere in London.

The opera, which tells the story of a Jewish Child and a German Child who are separated by barbed wire and form a friendship, will open on Jan. 11 and 12 at The Cockpit Theatre, London.

Both performances will be preceded by a live Q&A.

This operatic adaptation of John Boyne’s poignant Holocaust fable was written by Noah Max as a way to bring the symbolic story to new audiences while anti-Semitism rises across the world. Max said, “it demonstrates the relentlessly organized barbarity of which humanity is capable.”

Boyne’s 2006 novel was first adapted in 2008 into a Miramax film that starred Asa Butterfield and David Thewlis.