Infinite Opera Company Premieres Physics-Inspired Work

By Logan Martell

On April 26 and 27, 2018, Infinite Opera Company took the performing arts to the furthest reaches of the universe with their premiere of “Entanglement! An Entropic Tale.”

The work draws on the timeless, operatic theme of forbidden love, this time between electron and positron particles. Librettist and soprano Roxanne Korda said ” This is an opera which describes theories from physics that are not commonly discussed and presents them in a new manner, filled with emotion and connected to the human spirit. Not only does it highlight these fundamental ideas that are in fact repeated throughout history, it also exposes the art form of opera to a wider audience, ensuring it can continue to be relevant to contemporary society.

“I wrote this libretto in order to disseminate the theories of physics that I love to think about so much, and help people feel connected to them in a way that is very approachable. I hope that this story will inspire the imagination of the audience to learn more about the universe and how we as humans perceive the world around us.”

This love for education is no doubt shared by the rest of Infinite Opera Company, which is comprised of postgraduate students from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Spanish composer Daniel Blanco Albert said, “Creating an opera about physics – which I studied while preparing for university – was a project that really pushed me to do something completely new and original. The music is heavily inspired by the libretto, which mixes a very human story with science and physics, creating a sort of Greek mythological drama, but led by the elements and forces that surround us.”

In 2016, the Earl of Wessex became the first Royal Patron of Birmingham Conservatoire. The following year, they were granted the Royal title by none other than Queen Elizabeth II. With this support, and fueled by a luminous passion for knowledge and the arts, Infinite Opera company will surely continue to bring the stars closer to their audiences.