115 Wagner Statues ‘Stolen’ From Bayreuth Festival

By David Salazar

An art installation at the Bayreuth Festival featuring over 100 golden Wagners has gone missing.

Per Art News, the piece, entitled “You’re Welcome,” which features 115 gold-painted statues of the Richard Wagner, each standing 19-inches tall, “mysteriously disappeared.” Per the report, the artist Ottmar Hörl, who calculates that “You’re Welcome” is worth around €12,000 ($13,200), believes that the pieces were stolen during the night. He also does not think that audience members or festival guests took them as souvenirs.

The art installation started its exhibition at the end of July in anticipation of the famed summer festival season.

“The work has now completely dissolved,” Hörl told Monopol. “I’ve never had that in 30 years.”

Furthermore, the report notes that Hörl will be unable to replace the pieces because the “manufacturing company is on summer vacation.”

The Bayreuth Festival is currently underway and runs through August 28, 2023.