Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo To Present ‘El Último Día de Francisco Pizarro’

The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo will be presenting “El Último Día de Francisco Pizarro” this coming Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, at 5 p.m.

The opera is written by Colombian-Catalonian composer Moisès Bertran and narrates the last day of life of the famous conquistador as he looks back and remembers major moments of his life. This opera is making its premiere in Colombia as part of the 150th-anniversary celebration of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL).

Conductor Guerassim Voronkov will lead the musical direction while Maria Voronkova will direct. Members of the UNAL’s chorus will participate in the production alongside a cast that includes bass Ariel Cazes, baritone Rudi Fernández-Cárdenas, tenor Andrés Veramendi, soprano Ximena Agurto, tenor Xavier Rivadeneira, tenor Rafael Reyes, bass-baritone Mario Lo Russo, tenor Luis Carlos Hernández, contralto Sara Lara, mezzo María Valderrama, Suzanna E. Fuquene, baritone Cristofer Villegas, tenor Carlos Arturo Gómez, baritone Jorge Gómez, baritone Mauricio Bareño, baritone Mateo Jiménez, bass Ricardo Guatibonza, and soprano Ana Pinilla, among others.

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