Bridge Records Celebrates George Crumb’s 88th Birthday with “Complete Crumb Edition” CD

In honor of the 88th birthday of Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer George Crumb, Bridge Records has released the 18th volume of its “Complete Crumb Edition.” Released on October 24, 2017, this CD will feature the world premiere of two recordings, “The Yellow Moon of Andalusia” for voice and piano, and “Yesteryear” for voice, piano and percussion.

Bridge Records has worked with Crumb over the last 35 years. In addition to supervising the project, Crumb has recorded as narrator, pianist, and percussionist for the series. These recordings sessions have taken place across America, and Europe from Poland to Denmark.

From George Crumb’s website, “Crumb’s music often juxtaposes contrasting musical styles, ranging from music of the western art-music tradition, to hymns and folk music, to non-Western musics. Many of Crumb’s works include programmatic, symbolic, mystical and theatrical elements, which are often reflected in his beautiful and meticulously notated scores.”

Moreover, per Bridge Records’ press release, “George Crumb returns to his favorite poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, for ‘The Yellow Moon of Andalusia,’ six setting of English translations of Lorca’s work. The Performance features the work’s dedicatees, American soprano Tony Arnold, and pianist Marcantonio Barone. Mr barone follows with Crumb’s popular Thelonious Monk variations: “Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik.” Crumb’s classic “Celestial Mechanics” was revised by the composer in 2012, and is recorded here for the first time, played by ace piano duo, Quattro Mani. ‘Yesteryear’ is a vocalise for soprano and three players, dedicated to the sensational Ms. Arnold.”

In celebration of Crumb’s birthday, Spotify has added his work to their Composer Weekly Playlist.


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