Anna Netrebko Responds To Controversial Statement

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Anna Netrebko is under fire after an interview with Classical FM and her comments regarding sexual assault.

During an interview, the soprano was asked about her opinion, regarding the recent sexual assault allegations and what changes needed to be done in the classical music world.

Netrebko went on to respond, “Any of this sexual [expletive], we don’t have it. I’m sorry, and I think it’s total [expletive]. But if you don’t want, nobody will ever force you to do anything, never. If you did it, it means that you allowed that.” She added, “In our profession, it’s also absolutely not possible because if you are not talented nobody will help you. You have to have a talent, you have to have a voice, you have to be somebody.”

That statement drew great backlash and the soprano took to Twitter to issue clarification on her statement.

“Let me be clear: no victim of sexual assault is ever to blame,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “While in my career I have never experienced what I’d call harassment, which is what I was referring to in this interview, I know it exists in every industry, including opera. I did not intend to suggest that any person, woman or otherwise, is responsible for inviting inappropriate behavior. I reacted strongly to this question because I believe there are legitimate concerns about people losing their reputations and livelihoods from being convicted by public opinion alone.”

Netrebko is currently in London for “Macbeth” and is next slated to make her role debut as “Tosca” at the Metropolitan Opera.


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  1. How could someone who sings with so much warmth and beauty, lacks empathy? I am aware that English is not her first language, but didn’t her PR team review the journalist’s questions prior to this interview? Did they not coach her on responding to sensitive topics and issues? Both her and her colleagues behaviors and comment to the journalist’s question were so ugly, cold, void of love, compassion and empathy.

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