Winners For Queen Sonja International Music Competition Announced

By Francisco Salazar

The Queen Sonja International Competition has announced its winners.

South Korean tenor Seung Ju Bahg took home the first prize winning 40,000 Euros. The second place award went to Giovanni Sebastiano Sala from Italy. He took home 10,000 Euros. Bass Alexander Roslavets from Belarus was the recipient of the third place prize.

Aside from the cash prizes awarded to the winners, all three were offered concert and opera dates for the Norwegian opera and orchestras.

The Queen Sonja International Music Competition is one of the world’s leading voice competitions that takes place every second year in Oslo. It is open to singers from all over the world and the goal is to assist the career development of young artists. Additionally, it acts as a bridge builder between the Norwegian and international music scenes.

Previous winners have included Lise Davidsen, Elsa Dreisig and Alexey Lavrov