Wigmore Hall/Independent Opera International Song Competition Announces Competitors

By Francisco Salazar

Wigmore has announced the selected singers and pianists for the 2019 Wigmore Hall/Independent Opera International Song Competition.

The competitors are set to represent a number of nations including the U.K., New Zealand, the U.S, France, Spain, Romania, Austria, Korea, and Germany among others. Of the announced competitors only four singers were not announced with a pianist.

The Wigmore Hall/Independent Opera International Song Competition was founded in 1997 and since then has grown in status and prestige, and continues to attract singers and pianists from around the world, aged 33 or under, who are keen to embark on significant recital careers.

The competition awards prizes of £10,000 for first prize, £5,000 for second prize, £2,500 for third prize and the Richard Tauber Prize of £3,000 for the best interpretation of Schubert Lieder, among other awards.

This year the competition will take place between Sept. 7 and 12, 2019.

Here is a full list of competitors:

Singer / Voice / Pianist

Dominic Barberi (UK) / Bass

Harriet Burns (UK) / Soprano / Michael Pandya (UK)

Ronan Caillet (France) / Tenor / Malte Schäfer (Germany)

Kieran Carrel (UK/Germany) / Tenor / Richard Gowers (UK)

Rory Carver (UK) / Tenor / George Todică (Romania)

Guy Elliott (UK) / Tenor / Bradley Wood (New Zealand)

Kady Evanyshyn (Canada) / Mezzo-soprano / Seoyon Macdonald (Republic of Korea)

Rosina Fabius (Netherlands) / Mezzo-soprano

Laurence Kilsby (UK) / Tenor / Bradley Wood (New Zealand)

Georg Klimbacher (Austria) / Baritone / Mauro Zappalà (Italy)

Belinda Kunz (France) / Mezzo-soprano / Valentin Mansard (France)

Benjamin Lewis (UK) / Baritone / Tobias Kaltenbrunner (Austria)

Clara Osowski (USA) / Mezzo-soprano / Tyler Wottrich (USA)

Davidona Pittock (UK) / Soprano

Theodore Platt (UK) / Baritone / Dylan Perez (USA)

Emily Pogorelc (USA) / Soprano / Chris Reynolds (USA)

Tomi Punkeri (Finland) / Baritone

Kieran Rayner (New Zealand) / Baritone / Gamal Khamis (UK)

Benjamin Russell (Eire) / Baritone / Manon Fischer-Dieskau (UK)

Michael St Peter (USA) / Tenor / Jeremy Chan (Australia)

Jacquelyn Stucker (USA) / Soprano / James Hendry (UK)

Matthew Swensen (USA) / Tenor / Katelan Terrell (USA)

Dorota Szczepanska (Poland/USA) / Soprano / Maria Yulin (Israel)

Beth Taylor (UK) / Mezzo-soprano / Hamish Brown (UK)

Mikhail Timoshenko (Russia) / Bass-baritone / Elitsa Desseva (Bulgaria)

Felicity Turner (UK) / Mezzo-soprano / Natalie Burch (UK)

Christian Wagner (Germany) / Baritone / Kunal Lahiry (USA)