White Snake Projects Launches Open Beta Test of ‘Tutti Remote’ Streaming Software

By Logan Martell

On May 20, 2022, Cerise Jacobs’ activist opera company, White Snake Projects, rolled out a Special Access Early Release of the company’s “Tutti Remote” software at OPERA America’s Opera Conference 2022 in Minneapolis.

The software is meant to facilitate live performance from remote locations via internet, with high-quality audio synced to less than a millisecond, and is being offered for free to beta testers while they further develop the program.

To demonstrate the software’s capabilities, the first 40 minutes of their newest digital opera “A Survivor’s Odyssey,” was remounted with live, remote singers and streamed into the conference.

“Tutti Remote” works by locking each audio feed toa reference track, bypassing individual latency issues by automatically syncing all tracks. Because of this reference track, the program can also be used for theatrical systems such as sound effects, lighting, projection, and more.

Part of the company’s vision is to find new ways of making opera that responds to the unique challenges of today’s world and performing arts environment, with Tutti Remote seeking to bring many of those ideas together for a more accessible and innovative way to deliver opera.