Welsh National Opera Releases New Short Film Series

By Francisco Salazar

The Welsh National Opera has released the first short film in a new series of short films as part of its Rearrange project.

The first short film of the series is Mathilde Lopez’s takes on Monteverdi’s ‘Tu Se Morta’ from “Orfeo.” Lopez explores sadness, powerlessness, and how we seek to recapture what we have lost.

In a statement Lopez said, “It has been immensely gratifying to delve in and out of Monteverdi’s Orfeo. Like Orfeo, we all have been deeply stunned, hit by an unbelievable level of sadness, enraged by our powerlessness and we too have tried anything to carry on believing. And we are still doing it.”

“Rearrange” is a series of short films, commissioned to place older, well-known operatic arias in today’s world and to show how the themes echoed in the stories are still relevant today.  WNO invited four directors to film these operatic arias including Rebbecca Hemmings, Daisy Evans, Mathilde Lopez, and Abdul Shayek.

The films will be made available via the Welsh National Opera’s YouTube channel.