Wear Yellow Proudly to Present ‘Girls of Yellow Diamonds’ Concert to Honor 2021 Atlanta Shooting And International Women’s Day

By Chris Ruel

In honor of the 2021 Atlanta shooting and International Women’s Day, Wear Yellow Proudly will present a concert titled “Girls of Yellow Diamonds: Songs of Asian-American Women” The performance will take place on Mar. 11, 2022, at Philadelphia’s prestigious Academy of Vocal Arts.

With the alarming rise of violence against Asian-American women, the concert aims to raise awareness and present uplifting stories through songs composed by female Asian and Asian-American composers, including Beata Moon, Bosba Pahn, Chen Yi, Chihchun Chi-sun Lee, Cynthia Lee Wong, Justine F. Chen, Melissa Dunphy, and Michele Cheng. The music is thematically programmed into four sections: Childhood, Growing Pains, Womanhood, and Future.

In a press statement, Alice Chung, one of the performers of the concert and a co-founder, said “Just like each human is a culmination of our own individual experiences, each song in these sections is a reflection of moments throughout the lives of various Asian-American women. These are the joys of innocence, a first love, experience with barriers, and dealings with trauma that force us to create inner strength strong enough to make us ‘girls of yellow diamonds’.”

Three mezzo-sopranos, Alice Chung, Sophia Maekawa, Pauline Tan, along with pianist Ting Ting Wong, will be the featured vocalists.

Wear Yellow Proudly is an Aural Compass Projects initiative that was created as a response to the increasing amount of xenophobia towards Asians across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic.