Watch ‘Far Travelers,’ Jeffrey Leiser’s Viking Opera

By David Salazar

The creators of the opera “Far Travelers” have released a video recording of the initial performance of the work back in May 2018.

The 50-minute concert version of the opera features the likes of Kirsten Chambers, Joanie Brittingham, Michelle Jennings, Bray Wilkins, Eric Lindsey, and Raymon Geis.

The work was the brainchild of composer and librettist Jeffrey Leiser, who worked closely with Costa Rica composer Andrés Soto. Soto assisted Leiser in the orchestration of the opera, and arranged a concert-version reduction for string quintet and piano. The two talked extensively about their collaboration in a feature piece published here on OperaWire before the world premiere showcase.

“When the concert ended, I ran from the control booth, where I was calling lighting and CAD cues, through a hallway and onto the stage to take my bow alongside orchestrator Andrés Soto and my wonderful cast and players. It was a moment that encapsulated the many years of careful development required to achieve a project of this scale, and I hope it’s only the entry point to a full-length production,” Leiser told OperaWire.

“The performance was fulfilling and successful on many levels: first, despite little rehearsal time I was impressed by the great job both the cast and the chamber ensemble pulled off,” Soto added. “On a personal level it was fulfilling because all the artists involved seemed to genuinely enjoy working with each other, and were appreciative of both Jeff and I. It was one of those projects that didn’t seem like a job: it just felt like a group of friends playing getting together to play.”

Here is the video below for your enjoyment.