WATCH: Classics Explained Releases ‘Carmen’ Episode

By David Salazar

The YouTube series “Classic Explained” has been relaunched with a series of new episodes.

Among them is a look at Bizet’s “Carmen.” The 17-minute video explores the famed opera using a recording featuring Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna from 2003.

“We’re a YouTube channel that digs into the stories behind the great works of classical music, and explores what inspired the composers to greatness,” said founder Benjamin Levy in an official press statement. “Whether it’s a tumultuous love life, political turmoil or simply a tight deadline, the one thing they all have in common is an all-too-relatable humanity. These stories free this brilliant music from stuffy, unapproachable academic language and puts it back where it is supposed to be: in our life.”

The “Carmen” video launched on Friday, Feb. 9. Next up are videos on Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Ravel’s “Bolero.”

Check out the “Carmen” video here.