Washington National Opera Announces 2024 American Opera Initiative

By David Salazar

The Washington National Opera has announced the 11th season of American Opera Initiative, which includes three world premieres of 20-minute chamber operas.

Scheduled for Jan. 19, 2024, audiences will hear “A Way Forward” by Laura Jobin-Acosta and José G. Alba Rodriguez. It stars Kresley Figueroa, Winona Martin, and Sergio Martínez and explores three generations of a Mexican family as they try to save their business.

Next is Elizabeth Gartman and Melisa Tien’s “Forever,” an opera set eons after the extinction of humankind and focusing on musically inclined polyfluoroalkyl substances as they explore the future of Earth. The opera stars Teresa Perrotta, Cecelia McKinley, and Sahel Salam.

The final opera is “Hairpiece” by Joy Redmond and Sam Norman. Starring Tiffany Choe, Jonathan Pierce Rhodes, and Justin Burgess, the opera explores the story of expert wigmaker Esther who is struggling to save her studio before she retires.