‘VIREO’ Composer & Direct Earn Emmy Award Nomination

By David Salazar

Composer Lisa Bielawa and Director Charles Otte, the creators behind “VIREO: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch’s Accuser” were nominated for the 70th Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards in the categories of Creative Technical Crafts – Composer and Outstanding Director – Programming.

The winners will be announced on June 26, 2018.

“VIREO” is a unique operatic experience, filmed into a 12-part series that tells the story of a fourteen-year-old girl genius who is entangled in the historic obsession with female visionaries, as witch-hunters, early psychiatrists, and modern artists have defined them.

Bielawa is a 2009 Rome Prize winner in Musical Composition whose music has been performed throughout Europe and the US. “VIREO” was produced as part of Bielawa’s artist residency at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, Californi.

Otte is a senior show producer at Universal Studios. He has worked with such organizations as Universal Studios Hollywood, Monty Python Productions, A&E Television, HDTV, the Sundance Institute, Roger Corman Films, BRC Imagination Arts, ShoConcepts, Lincoln Center, BAM, the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Guthrie Theatre, KCET, and Thinkwell throughout his career.