Vienna State Opera 2017-18 Live Stream: Krassimira Stoyanova Leads ‘Rusalka’

By David Salazar

Audiences around the world will get a chance to see Antonín Dvorák’s “Rusalka” live on their computers from the Vienna State Opera on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, as the latest addition to the company’s live streaming service.

The Sven-Eric Bechtolf production will be headlined by Krassimira Stoyanova with Dmytro Popov as her prince and Jongmin Park as her father. Elena Zhidkova and Monika Bohinec round out the cast as the princess and Jezibaba respectively.

The stream starts at 7 p.m. local time and is slated to run until around 10:30 p.m. That’s around 4 p.m. EDT and 1 p.m. PST for the start time. This performance will be the third of four performances this season at the Vienna State Opera.

Per the official website, tickets start at 14 euros (approximately $16 USD) and can be purchased right off the Vienna State Opera’s streaming website. There are options for monthly subscriptions to future performances on the service depending on users’ preference for experience opera from the comfort of their homes.

After this production, the company will showcase Puccini’s “Tosca” and Rossini’s “L’Italiana in Algeri” on the live streaming service.