Victorian Opera Releases Online Early Childrens’ Book ‘Baby Bilby Sings’

By Logan Martell

As companies explore new forms of presenting opera digitally, Victorian Opera has adapted an interactive opera book for babies and toddlers, titled “Baby Bilby Sings.”

The book follows the titular animal as he travels to different countries and meets with operatic characters throughout his journey.

“Baby Bilby Sings” will draw from works such as “The Barber of Seville” and “Lakme,” with the roles being voiced by Australian artists. It is meant to introduce the art form to the youngest of audiences at home.

“Our various education programs highlight how children of all ages can engage with opera; there’s such wonderment at discovering this music in its purest form,” said Education Manager Ioanna Salmanidis in a press release. “Through reading our book, we hope that children across Victoria and far beyond will experience just how special opera can be.”

“Baby Bilby Sings” is available for free on the Victorian Opera’s website, with readers also having the option to pay what they like.