Vancouver Opera Names Two New Members to Board of Directors

By David Salazar

Vancouver Opera has announced several new members to its Board of Directors.

The new members include Shaun Dolman and Joshua Hutchinson.

Dolman is a lawyer for the Provincial Ministry of Attorney General and specializes in Indigenous Law. Meanwhile, Hutchinson is an Associate with Blakes, Canada’s top business law firm, focusing on corporate and commercial litigation.

Other board members include Susan Van der Flier (Chair), Richard Rees (Vice-Chair), Roger L. Flowerdew (Treasurer), Krista Johnson (Secretary), Mass Abedi, Human Alghabi, Catherine Dangerfield, Kirk LaPointe, Pierre Lebel, Maria Leone, Jennifer MacIntosh, Jennifer Muench, Jan Sampson, Stanis Smith, Carol Tsuyuki, Alexi White, Andrea Wood and Nancy Wu (President Vancouver Opera Guild).

“I would like to take a moment to thank our board members currently and formerly who have provided incredible guidance and support to Vancouver Opera,” said Tom Wright, the General Director of Vancouver Opera, in an official press statement.

Vancouver Opera will resume its 2022-23 season in February with a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”